Linda Seto is a national award-winning Children’s TV Producer/Director, who founded the first TV/Film Acting Studio combined with TV & Filmmaking Classes for children/teens/young adults 30 years ago.  Dallas TV & Film Workshop also known as- Dallas Young Actors Studio   Located in Dallas, Texas

Linda seeing the level of Talented young actors who were excelling in the Program, decided to sponsor a Summer trip to Hollywood for the top student actors in 1986.   This became the first important step in building the famous ” Texas to Hollywood” bridge for all of the aspiring child actors who live in Texas!  Hollywood talent Agents Bob Preston of CED- now known as CESD and Mary Grady of Mary Grady Agency along with NBC TV & Paramount Movie studio Casting Directors took notice of these well trained, developed young child/teen actors from Texas!   When the young Texas child actors started booking and being Cast on TV shows, commercials, movies… they were very impressed!    So impressed that they wanted to help develop and launch these new young actors for the Hollywood entertainment Industry market!  Hollywood Agent ( who discovered Dakota Fanning, highest paid child actor for several years)  Cindy Osbrink joined the team helping launch new young talent!

Every year top VIP Hollywood Agents for Children/Teens & Casting Directors would fly to Dallas, Texas to help prepare and sign for Agency representation new upcoming actors!   Alumni include:  Bethany Joy Lenz- starred on ONE TREE HILL TV series.. Kaitlyn Dever starring on ABC’s TV series, LAST MAN STANDING..  MOLLY QUINN starring on ABC TV series, CASTLE… Jake McDorman star of TV series  GREEK…LIMITLESS..numerous movies..  BARRY WATSON star of 7th HEAVEN ( one of the longest running TV series) Jesse Plemons star of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS TV series.. FARGO TV series..Guest on BREAKING BAD TV series.. also Actress Paige Hurd on HAWAII Five-O TV series (plus numerous movies)

In December of 2008, Paramount Movie Studios cast 12 yr old Noah Ringer for the starring role of Aang in the movie The Last Airbender.  Noah, who had never acted before had one month to prepare for the lead role.   Linda Seto, Director of the Dallas Young Actors Studio was hired by Paramount Studios to provide an intense study & one month acting bootcamp for Noah.  This was a first and never been done before in Hollywood.  It was an exciting opportunity and challenge for Linda, who customized Noah’s acting training for the action adventure movie.

Hundreds of Parents and families of children who are aspiring actors/actresses have trusted Linda Seto for her honesty, dedication, knowledge and advice in the TV/Film/Movie Industry!  As Founder of the non-profit Dallas TV & Film Workshop, she advocates for truth, honesty and integrity along with quality education and training for those who aspire careers in Acting for TV/Movies or TV/Filmmaking.