How to avoid Scams, fake Talent searches

Question:  I hear on the radio about talents searches for children or teens who want to get into TV and movie or Disney acting auditions and roles. Are these legit?


 No.   Breaking into the acting for TV movies and Commercials business is not as simple or easy as going to a weekend talent search at a hotel.

 The radio ads that promote being discovered at these events are MISLEADING  to the public.   These are normally conducted by a groups or organizations that go to many cities around the country, then signing up many young people based on a “look” or a quick easy audition where they are required to attend their big and very expensive Event held in certain locations like Florida, Las Vegas, California or New York.   These pre-selected families are required to pay thousands of dollars to participate in being in a talent showcase performing various short monologues, commercials and similar.  They perform in front of various judges who are connected in some way in the TV and film industry at one time.. possibly agents but more likely managers.   Note:  There’s a big difference between these two types of professionals as to what they’re able to do to help and aspiring young actors career.   Tip: You need an excellent Agent not a manager.

 For the small number of children who show some ability or potential of becoming an actor professionally, they will be advised by any true legitimate TV and Film professional from Hollywood that “the child will need to get proper training for TV and Film at a reputable acting school or studio”.    Top Hollywood agents represent very well-trained child actors, many who have already been working professionally, so they are requiring new talent to have excellent training in order to be competitive with the others.

Best smart advice:

 Skip going to stand in long lines of thousands who listen to  ..”You can be discovered for a TV show like Disney ” Talent search Radio ads.  It’s NOT the official Disney.. even the Disney TV website acknowledges that there are unaffiliated groups using their name. .. oh, yes.. real Disney auditions DO NOT charge money!  They are free!   So instead of spending thousands of dollars, when one of the “judges” who may see potential in your child and advises to get real authentic acting training… SKIP the talent search and enroll your child/teen into a reputable Acting School or Studio.  This is the most  important step to becoming a competitive and professional actor .  This is How the Child stars you see on TV shows and Movies get into a professional career.

Real TRUE Stories of Actors:

Disney TV ( the real one) did CAST and hire two of our Acting Studio’s Young Actors from Texas.  Both of these trained professionally for several years in our TV Studio facility which has its own TV SITCOM soundstage… makes sense to train this way instead of on a large theatre auditorium.. it’s TV/Film style acting environment, not a theatrical play. These young actors starred on the TV series, ” Shake It Up”.  Their secret to success?… excellent acting training for TV/Film, representation by top Hollywood Talent AGENTS and parents knowing what to to ..or not to do.. avoiding costly mistakes.   Fun trivia:  Both of these young actors learned how to create interesting characters with various accents for Comedy while training at our Acting studio.  A few years later, they were Cast in roles that had Accents/dialects on the Disney TV show!!   Excellent training opens up many doors of opportunities for being Cast in TV Shows and Movies!

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